Javier is always thinking. Javier is always day dreaming. Sometimes as he’s walking down the busy sidewalk his eye will randomly land on something, a bruise on a knee, for instance. He will think, “Oh Yeah..” and soften a bit. Where he goes not even his best friend knows.


Herbert, a name he chose when he moved, is a sound engineer. He is not a good listener, mostly because the country he lives in is not the country of his first language. He longs for different sounds and the simpler life of his original country. But there is no money to be made there. So he is here. He doesn’t make much and often wonders whether it’s worth the price.


Syndey takes Spanish class. Maybe that’s why he is still so sharp at an advanced age. His mind will never fail him. That much is clear.

He collects interesting plastic bags from far away places he sometimes goes. This is what he carries his homework in. No need for such extravagances as buying a bag. Not for him, anyway, he shrugs with a smile.


Hariold likes to ride hard. Road ride. He has a beautifully basic slim, skinny even, luciously painted bike and this is where he is finally comfortable in the world.  His strongest desire is to conquer that hill. He’d rather ride steeply straight UP than take the  easier more gradual route which in the end takes the same time to get to the same place. He likes to do it the hard way. He rides hard.