In an obscenely prosperous culture, Fred works because he says he needs more money. When Rockefeller was asked, “How much money is enough?” he said, “Just a little bit more.” What Fred really wants is more love.
Everyone is Fred here and we sit tired and pondering whether validation can come from the inside.

Tonglen Practice

3/4 million (750,000) people can soon die of starvation in Somalia. There is a drought in Africa which has left the people without food.

there is food being given but

the pirate type controlling the country won’t let aid in

the big boats can’t get to the ports
even if they could, on shore
it is beyond food
some now need care before they can eat.
These Somalian people.
What now to do with the awareness of them and it’s effect on me
The tonglen buddhist practice is the only real thing
that helps.

Breathing in and breathing out with
toward another with well-wishing


To feel better…

Because of you I got on my bike later today. I rode and I felt better in the saturated light of dinnertime September. The golden yellow of uncut dried grass made me pretend for a moment that I was in southern California where, if I took a left, I’d go into the desert and drive and drive, roadkill cafes and all, until I came to a creek amidst the boulders in somewhere, say Arizona, and unroll my bag and go to sleep under zillions of stars waking up the next morning not reading email.

Instead I contented myself with curving my bike  into Temescal Lake Park where a lone mother and child were ending the day slowly.

It was enough just to get on my bike.
Just enough because you suggested the obvious thing I’d been missing.
To feel better you have to do things that make you feel better.

Tina’s Tarot

Tina is often in unknown whereabouts. She takes her Tarot cards and does what they tell her to do or what she thinks they tell her to do, or not to do. She has a hard time making decisions. No one ever told her how to make a decision. She relies on the cards but sometimes she mistrusts them.