Peter’s CD release party. CabezaBlanca

The songs were intelligent
Tasty enough to be pop
Striking cords and
Reigniting memory.
A brilliant combination in interesting balance
between the emotional and intellectual states
Of being alive today. In and out of love.

Bonfire burning outside the lost door
On the edge of the industrial wasteland
Flat and powder-ghostly vast
On the edge of the San Francisco bay
Below the street named firstly for the army
And then for the indigenous freedom fighter

The crowd was tasty.
Long seasoned artists, yet still in their prime
As an audience of the already appreciated
Brilliant paintings, also by Peterc
Balanced, harmonious, edgy and alive
Hanging the walls

No righteousness, but only good will and creativity abounding
True success on so many levels
Despite the lack of money,
Or any promise,
Of any.

Everything else was quality abounding
The give and take
Not being about money


Re~meeting The Teacher

I was trying to talk about giving and recieving

I was trying to be heard and understood

I was searching for an answer

I was wanting to be given so


an explanation in a sound soundbite.

A rule I can follow. Something I can hold on to.

A belonging sort of; having been pointed ahead, on along the way

and what I got was. .

Referred back to myself

as my own teacher.

I felt furious



Until now.

I can do this thing.

We all can.

Update ~ Explanation

This blog paused at the end of October because . . .

I wrote a 56,000 word novel the month of November.

256,000 people worldwide attempted this. 81,000 won (meaning they succeeded in writing a novel in a month)  is the organization that heralds this cause. I highly recommend them and doing it.

In December I prepared for my interactive exhibiton at The de Young Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. (pictured above)

I was artist in Residence the entire month of January. I created digitally drawn portraits of museum guests in a Magic Glass environment which was entirely designed and fabricated by myself, except for the wood-work on the 8 moving mirror walls which was fabricated by Kai Lundgren-Williams.

Myself and my interns also taught museum guests how to digitally draw self portraits. These are the portraits you see in the photo. My portraits are on the opposite wall and projected on the glass screens.

On the left, me explaining my work at museum party (with live music by Peter Whitehead)

On the right, portrait of museum guest.


Now, in mid February  “the kid is back, back on track”  (Brett Dennen)



continues . . .