The light and the wind & Chanting for world peace

We got our lights, our lemon rinds with oils and wicks which flamed slightly

But when we got outside the breath of the wind took the light away

A lady relit mine and it faded 20 steps later

A man reignited it at the edge of the lake but it lasted then less than a second

Fair is fair

The light is eternal anyway

And all that soft chanting for world peace down to the lake

Is most important

Our intention

The wind had earlier in the day

Been strong enough to cut the power

No internet, no dice

I’m like WTF

I’m not missing electricity as it’s a bright sunny day

In my bright sunny studio

Then I get it, the electricity is gone, therefore no net


Now at night, after the big 12 moment where the past year turns into the next

I see in the darkness, from my window into the garden

The holiday lights I’ve strung swinging and jumping in the wind

They look strong and happy

in a happy new year.