Something in me

I often experience something in me that’s smarter than my brain.
This happens for instance when I am looking for something. I will be thinking “Where is such and such? Where is so and so?”
Without consciously knowing, my body will turn in a direction and eyes will land on the object. This happens when I am simultaneously planning another direction in my head, “Oh, I’ll go downstairs later and get it.”

Today that something went even further. It punched “by accident” the phone number of a friend I had been wanting to call for days but was feeling like I shouldn’t be a bother.
Suddenly the phone on my table was talking and I saw the name and at first I was confused. Then I picked up.
“Hey..Hi!..did I call you or did you call me?”
“You called me, and I’m so glad!”
We talked for a long and satisfying time.
Thing is, I didn’t call.
Something inside me that is smarter than me called.