About this blog


I am just writing about things that happen in my day and making a picture to go along with the story.

Thank you for checking in.

3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hey there,
    I read quite a few of your blogs, and I must say I enjoyed it. Thank you 🙂
    But, out of curiosity I couldn’t hold but ask, what is a ‘BART’ ?
    Also, I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but why do you categorize all your posts with “Buddhism”.

    Do not answer my questions if you think they are personal 🙂

    PS ~ Thanks for sharing the stories.

    1. hi again, BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit. It is the subway, basically, and I am drawing people as we slide under the water of the San Francisco Bay which separates Oakland and SF.

      Buddhism is a harder answer. Maybe it’s dishonest. I guess the link between buddhism and my stories is that I tend to see them through somewhat I buddhist gaze except when the central topic is LOVE and there i’ll hand it over to the hindus, Amma or Guadalupe (which is the mexican version of the virgin mary)
      Buddhism has a stance of “hey, that’s how it is. accept it.” I think the stories are how it is.

      THANK YOU for appreciating it.

      i watched your steve jobs 2005 you tube. i had seen it posted elsewhere but it was never the right time to watch until this morning.
      very moving.
      i enjoyed your site a lot.
      Very inspiring and encouraging. thank you.
      i liked your bio. i too am a bike rider.

      carry on…

  2. Apologies for replying late, but I was sick the last two days {usual cough n cold, u know 😉 }
    First of all, thank you so much for subscribing and also liking the posts.
    I appreciate it so much 🙂 So those pictures on your posts are pictures you draw ?? Oh Wow !! Amazing. Considering the fact of the relative movements of the subway trains and your control over the sketchpad on the iPod, I admit they are simply superb !!

    Thank you so much for describing me the relationship (and your views) of your stories from the ‘Buddhist’ perspective.
    I hope you will like what’s more to come in my blog, and I must say I am honoured to be a regular visitor to your blog.

    Best Wishes 🙂

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