Peter’s CD release party. CabezaBlanca

The songs were intelligent
Tasty enough to be pop
Striking cords and
Reigniting memory.
A brilliant combination in interesting balance
between the emotional and intellectual states
Of being alive today. In and out of love.

Bonfire burning outside the lost door
On the edge of the industrial wasteland
Flat and powder-ghostly vast
On the edge of the San Francisco bay
Below the street named firstly for the army
And then for the indigenous freedom fighter

The crowd was tasty.
Long seasoned artists, yet still in their prime
As an audience of the already appreciated
Brilliant paintings, also by Peterc
Balanced, harmonious, edgy and alive
Hanging the walls

No righteousness, but only good will and creativity abounding
True success on so many levels
Despite the lack of money,
Or any promise,
Of any.

Everything else was quality abounding
The give and take
Not being about money


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