What Isn’t

Sometimes it’s just about wanting to give up.

It’s only from trying too hard. Doing the same things over and over and not getting the same not gotten results.

For what?

And then to have it fall into another’s lap and know it’s not for you.

It’s just what isn’t.

What Is

Lizzy’s going to die soonish. It is time to say goodbye now. She has cancer and we’ve decided she doesn’t want to be at first a three legged dog and then what?

It’s obvious.

She’s lived longer than predicted. For her kind of dog. It’s what is.

No doubt

I have seen the squirrel again. Twice, in fact. Each time around eleven in the morning and on the same block of the same street. I see her dash across the street with the acorn in her mouth and in three different yards, bury the acorn. She does it whole heartedly with quick efficient strokes. I guess there’s not much doubt in an animal’s mind. They are either doing it or not doing it.

It takes Two (at least)

These two people are reacting to the same news.

It’s like that sometimes. Sometimes it’s W. T. F. wtf? and sometimes

i’m going crazy beacuse of this andsome days it’s all caffeine, banana bread and corn chips

somedays it’s just hard to stay in Balance.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Somedays it isn’t.

Love, Dana



I met a squirrel yesterday. And I sort of followed her as we were walking the same way. I waited while she buried the acorn. At first tentatively and then busily in a perfectly manicured lawn. Not golf course but close. Afterwards the squirrel turned around, rose on its hind legs and looked at me. Hey, I can keep a secret.