Flowers at Walgreens

3 feb 2013


I’ve gone to Walgreens a lot lately.
Because the tiny rose bushes are just $2.50

And they come in white, light pink, bright pink and red.

Those living eternal symbols were less than a cup of coffee
The kind I drink anyway.

I bought one of each in different neighborhoods
Because I kept coming back for more, and I was getting around.

In the stores I noticed things
I’m just saying.

In the white neighborhood store, as you approach the checkout stand,
An impulse item you can buy is blond hair dye
Like, hey! I think I’ll dye my hair blond!

In the Latino neighborhood you can chose from 3 aisles
of valentine candy, flowers and what-not
That’s an aisle more than other stores


You can probably get these anywhere
I noticed them in the black neighborhood store
Black Marlboros. Black, like acknowledging what is
The package, your lungs, the smoke
Calling a spade a spade.

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