Saturday: Car wash, shopping bag & no brainer

It was a beautiful day such that my mind got the idea “a lovely day to wash the car”. So I went to the car wash on my way home. There were an easy 16 cars with the same idea, (it’s a big place).  I soon realized the flaw in my reasoning and drove home where I washed my car. Inside and out. Carefully. Not in a hurry. I enjoyed myself in the beautiful day. I loved my car.

I remembered hearing Amma speak recently on the different vibrations accompanying different thoughts and ideas, emotions even. Of course it’s a no brainer that love is the highest nd strongest frequency.

Therefore I wondered if my car would run better since I washed it.

Still out by my car in my driveway, the girls next door come home. We are a house away, all in front of our perspective cars and houses. “Hi Sally”.”Hi Dana”. Their mother and I both acknowledge that summer is going just fine. The older girl pops out of the back seat with a big dark pink bag. “Hi Betty”.  “Shopping spree?”. The little one says, “It’s for me. It’s an “American girl doll”. 

I say, “It comes in a cool bag. Be sure to save that bag.”

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